Sunday, April 1, 2012

Safety First! 3x Thanks

Day 3, the theme of which is: Physical Safety.

  • A___ emerged with life and limb from his bike race today. His bike may not be able to say the same, but as my parents always say, "Vehicles can be replaced. You can't."

  • R___ returned safely from his nighttime revelry last week. That makes me sound more like his mother than his girlfriend, but I was relieved!

  • I biked from Prospect Park to the World Trade Center without falling into a pothole, being sideswiped by a bus, or crashing into a pedestrian. Considering that the ride includes a sizable stretch of Flatbush Ave and winds through Chinatown, I always thank my lucky stars when I make it to the end in one piece. Today was no exception.
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