Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 8, Things are Great

Day 8. Over one-third through my 21-day experiment!

  • My blog readers. Whether friends, family, or strangers, I dearly appreciate everyone who reads these posts! Like all stage performers, I seem to need an audience to make "performing" worthwhile. You are all my inspiration!

  • Sleep. More than I would have gotten if I had gone to work on time, anyway. Hooray for half-days!

  • Not wasting frequent flier miles. The fact that they expire is bad enough, never mind the fact that no average person travels enough to earn the 10 gazillion points required for a complimentary flight flight. Luckily, my recently about-to-expire points were redeemable for a variety of magazines. So now, once every few months, I get an onslaught of brainless-but-visually appealing reading material. Yay.
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    SD said...

    The trick is to get a rewards credit card for your favorite airline (i.e. one that has a hub in your city) and pay the balance in full every month. That way you can pile up miles much more quickly. And also, the rewards miles count as activity, which keeps your miles from expiring.