Saturday, March 31, 2012

3X Thanks: Half Marathon Results, NYPL, and Surprise Sale

Day 2 of my 21 days of posting three thankful thoughts.

  • Winning first place in my age group at the E Murray Todd Half Marathon last month. I guess I should say I'm grateful that the woman who actually ran the fastest in my age group placed fifth overall and was therefore removed from the age group rankings . . . giving me first place!

    Results for this race:

    Race Length Finishing Time 5/10 mile Splits Average Pace Overall Place Age Group Place (F25-29)
    13.1 miles 1:35:58 37:12/36:46 7:20/mile 111/629 1/33

  • New York Public Library. Without access to this incredible library system, I'd either be choosing from the crummy selection available at the Jersey City library or personally financing Barnes & Nobles' financial recovery.

  • 20% off sale at Loehman's. Sales are always nice, and surprise sales are even nicer! This one enabled me to replace two of my ratty crewneck blouses, so I can start going to work again without yellow armpit stains. Hurrah!
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    Kelly said...

    And that is why I never wear white.