Friday, April 6, 2012

Comedy Club Delays Day 7

Having missed yesterday's post (once again), I owe another double-dose of 3x thanks today. Here are my three belated thanks for Day 7:

  • Being included in R___'s birthday present! As a pre-birthday present, his sister K___ took us to Gotham Comedy Club last night to see Fortune Feimster perform. A great time was had by all.

  • Eyebrow threading. It makes my eyebrows look nicer than when I pluck them myself, and best of all, Indian ladies charge less for eyebrow threading than Asian ladies do for eyebrow waxing. True story.

  • Successful email attachments. I'd rather complain about the slow IT response time at work, but instead I'll just be grateful that when they finally responded to my "ticket request" about being unable to attach anything to my outgoing emails, they were able to fix it in all of five minutes. Again, it makes me wonder how anyone ever got work done before email. Well, I guess for one thing, they probably didn't spend 75% of their day answering email. . . !
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