Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 10--Feeling the Stretch

I'm running out of ways to introduce this. . . . So here's Day 10.

  • Walking into a clean bedroom. The key word in that phrase being "walking." R___ ever-so-nicely cleaned things off of the floor, so the key now will be keeping that space clutter-free!

  • Surviving hot yoga without sitting down during the poses more than once. That's a real accomplishment for me! Granted, it was only an hour-long class (rather than the traditional 90-minute class), but I'm still proud. I didn't take more than 2 sips of water during class, either. Yeah!

  • Discovering clothes I didn't know I had during a spring closet switch-out. It's so fun to have forgotten about certain items of clothing and then "rediscover" them when I change out my winter wardrobe for spring/summer.
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