Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 12! (and up to 36 unique thankful thoughts posted)

I've been as diligent as possible about not repeating things for which I give thanks, even if I am thankful for them more than once. If I can hold out through the end of this experiment, I'll have 3 x 21, or 63 thankful thoughts posted on this blog!

Now, on to Day 12, or thankful numbers 34, 35, and 36.

  • The ease of volunteering as an alum. It is surprisingly difficult to volunteer time in NYC. The best (or at least most interesting to me) programs are either full, far away, or--my favorite--scheduled during the workday. (Apparently they only want retirees or millionaires volunteering for those.) However, as a UR alum, I am invited to not only give back to my school in a useful--and non-monetary--way, but I am also asked to volunteer for tasks. I don't have to chase after the chance to volunteer, or hunt for open opportunities as if I'm on a job search. They're emailed right to my inbox! Tomorrow I get to call students who were accepted and tell them the good news. Hooray for making people happy!

  • Engaging books, in this case, Blue Asylum specifically. I'm halfway through and still interested in finding out what happens to the characters! It's a welcome relief to look forward to reading my book, particularly after the recent string of books that have proven to be disappointingly dull. Of course, I could always go back and read the Hunger Games. Those were some enthralling books!

  • The safe return of my friend T___ from his family vacation aboard a cruise ship. He's my running and non-work-talk buddy (at work), so I was going a bit nuts without him! I am also especially thankful after watching Titanic 3D this past weekend. We all assume those cruises are safe, but you just never know!
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