Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 13, Quick and Easy

Good things happened early today, so I have an easy Day 13 to write up.

  • Free biking gear! Compliments of my friend/coworker S___. She is a former Ironman triathlete, currently on hiatus from the sport, and after we talked the other day about how expensive of a sport biking is, she generously brought me some of her old gear!

  • A successful solo swim. Despite his lingering biking injuries, A___ came to the pool this morning to putter around in the water while I came up with a swim set that actually went better than I had anticipated, considering that there were 4 stubborn men in my lane who refuse to let other swimmers pass. (In case anyone is interested, the set was 5x100 yards on 1:35, 4x100 yards on 1:30, 3x100 yards on 1:25, and 2x100 yards on 1:20.)

  • A live-in hug. I don't think I express my gratitude often enough for the available and willing hugs I get from R___ when I go home. That was one of the hardest things about living alone in a new city: the lack of physical contact. Hugs communicate "I know you" and "I care about you" in a simple and intimate way that simply cannot be replicated in any other way. I value them, so I am thankful to have one ready and waiting for me when I walk in the door!
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