Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wacky Weather

It’s June 6th, and I am currently sitting in Fluf’s room wearing basketball shorts, a T-shirt, and a sweatshirt. Yes, it is June, and I am wearing a sweatshirt. Typically, the days here have not gotten any warmer than the low 70s. Yet, several days ago I was on the beach, frolicking in the English Channel and sunning myself in a bikini. Crazy English weather!

Speaking of donning my bikini, as I did so, I was happy to see that I have redeveloped my “swimmer shoulders.” Since returning from Greece, I have dutifully partaken of every swimming session available. This means that I have been able to swim for about one hour, five times a week. In that amount of time, I have redeveloped the muscles in my shoulders and arms to the point of visibility. Of course, the muscles also work much better, and I am getting faster—the most important quality, obviously. I am certainly not in anywhere near as good physical shape as I usually am during the swimming season, but I am pleased to have redeveloped my swimming abilities to some extent.

Unfortunately, I will lose all this progress over the next two weeks as I travel to Dublin, Prague, Vienna, and Amsterdam in my last gallivant around Europe. I’m not saying the tradeoff will not be worthwhile, but it’s just frustrating to finally be at the point of developing some semblance of athleticism just to lose it and have to start all over again. Of course, I’ll be starting my life all over again when I get back to the States, in a sense, so what’s one more addition?

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Kelly said...

at least you're developing a will. and a pattern. so it's easier to get into that pattern again.


in the meantime, hot shoulders.