Thursday, June 21, 2007

June Trip Return

The twelve-day trip was lovely, but I am tired, and I want to go home. Perhaps I will blog about what I did and saw there once I get back to the States. For now, suffice to say: Dublin is overrun with pubs; Prague has pretty architecture but not a lot to do; Vienna blatantly flouts its classical music influences despite the fact that almost all are male and are either under twelve years old or dead; and although the Red Light District was quite an experience, the most shocking thing about Amsterdam was the number of people who ride bicycles. I saw parents riding their children to school…on the fronts, sides, and backs of their bicycles! And instead of having a “parking garage” for cars--as we typically think of one—I saw a three-tier parking garage for bicycles!

Also, I must add that I feel much more aesthetically appreciated in Europe than I do in the United States. On these trips abroad, I have been danced with, complimented, oogled; and even propositioned by strangers, and while not all of these advances were welcome, of course, they are--in at least a minor way--a bit flattering. You would think these European men never saw a tall girl before!


rome said...

even though i can only speak for myself, but ur appreciated here.

ps i think i have a story that may perplex you...and i would want your opinion on. i'll let you kno when you get back

Kelly said...

dear, it's not just the tall thing. it's the HOT thing, combined with the fact that most european men have no shame when it comes to flirting.

sometimes it's a good combo, sometimes it's a mortifying one.

glad it was good for you.