Thursday, April 9, 2009

Warm Fuzzies # 7: Classifieds

There really are nothing like best friends and sisters to renew one’s sense of self-confidence when a girl’s feeling blue. For whatever reason, last night was one of those no-one-will-ever-love-me nights. I more-or-less spent it holed up in my room, alternately reading a book, eating Hershey kisses, and checking Gchat for loneliness-combating “company.” Luckily for me, my dearest Pittsburgh friend Emily was online. She asked how my day was, and rather than depress her with my mood (which I instead briefly summarized as “weird”), I told her about a phone call I had received at work from one of my father’s friends:

ME: she asked me how I was. she wanted to know how I liked my job and then she wanted to know if I was dating anyone

and THEN she asked what I was waiting for


did you tell her an intelligent, athletic, articulate, outgoing bookworm/musician who loves to cook with lots of vegetables to come sweep you off your feet?

oh and i forgot to mention that he has to love to hug

ME: hahaha

I told her that I was working on it.

and that I had to go back to work

EMILY: hehe tell you're doing your job of looking pretty and being an independent sassy girl who knows what she's passionate about and its all up to him now

ME: ok I'll do that. and try to live up to it....

EMILY: don't worry, you already have

Can you see why I love this girl?

Meanwhile, I was exchanging emails with my sister, who is wrapped up in finals. I was actually trying to offer her support, seeing as she is certainly stressed out with all of her studying and paper-writing at this time of the semester. However, for whatever reason (probably my no-one-loves-me mood), I added a long p.s. on one of my emails, saying something to the effect of, “It’s no wonder the guys I have semi-crushes have no reciprocal interest in me; I’m just a silly 23 year old girl pining in vain. How pathetic.”

My sister’s response was nothing short of a well-written classified advertisement (mixed with a little violent sisterly affection, of course):

STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN! if you keep doing this I may be forced to come up to NYC and hit you on the head a few times! You are not just a silly little 23-year-old and you know it! stop it! you're a beautiful and intelligent and athletic working woman and don't you forget it! Nothing pathetic about it.

Sisters. What would we do without them?


Daniel said...

"you're a beautiful and intelligent and athletic working woman..." --not to mention adventurous, independent, funny, determined, creative, and soon to be botanical. :-)

agoldste said...

You're going to make me blush! ;)

Now botanical--that's one adj you don't hear every day.

Daniel said...

i actually had to make sure it was correct before using it in that context.