Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missed Connection

For those not in-the-know (mom, dad, other non-craigslist users), "Missed Connections" are one category of classified ads that Craigslist offers. The purpose of this category is that if you meet someone but for whatever reason don't "officially" meet them (i.e. don't exchange numbers or even names), this is a last-ditch effort to try and make that connection. You post some kind of "Hey, I liked meeting/talking to/looking at you" message and hope that they will, for whatever reason, be inclined to look through craigslist ads, recognize this message meant exclusively for them, and respond.

Needless to say, I found one that, although I am pretty certain was not meant for me, sounds so circumstantially appropriate (with references to the sort of conversation we would have had and everything!) that I'm simply forced to share it here:

allison tuesday 10pm - m4w (grand st. LES)

it was nice talking to you allison. fyi i didnt pick up any girls at the bar; i dont usually hit on girls at the bar, much less the street. but there was something about you i was drawn to. we should grab a bite to eat next time you're around visiting your friend. nothing wrong with being friends, right?

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