Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Favorite Children's Book WINNER

And the winner, chosen by popular vote, is . . . If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Runners up were Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Goodnight Moon; and The Giving Tree.

Other write-in suggestions were:

  • Where the Wild Things Are (Guess this person didn't see that amongst the options....)
  • Ask Mr. Bear
  • Angus & the Cat
  • Harry the Dirty Dog
  • The Story of Ferdinand
  • Bedtime for Frances
  • George and Martha
  • Old Turtle
  • The Giant Jam Sandwich

    Apparently my childhood reading wax not as extensive as I had thought, because the only one of those write-ins I recall reading is Bedtime for Francis!

    Despite If You Give a Mouse a Cookie winning this poll, walking amongst all the wonderful children's books in Barnes & Nobles distracted me so much that I ultimately purchased a different book. I will reveal my true purchase after this coming weekend, when I attend the baby shower and present my choice to the future baby's parents. In the meantime, however, I will mention that the book I truly wanted to buy apparently is no longer available in print.

    I started my search at Barnes & Nobles, where the woman who assisted me laughed once she finally understood the title I was trying to tell her, and then laughed again when she discovered that it was first published in 1982. (I did not point out to her that Goodnight Moon was first published in 1947.) No Barnes & Nobles in all of NYC carries this book, so whe recommended that I search online, which I did once I returned home, only to find that even Amazon only sells the book via outside vendors! So if anyone comes across a copy of The Baby Uggs Are Hatching, definitely, definitely buy it. That book ranks among the most memorable of my childhood.

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