Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Only Rains on Your Toes

Or so this shoe style would imply.

Can anyone explain how these are practical in the rain?

Perhaps living in NYC (okay, Jersey City is only technically "near" NYC, but I go to the city almost every day, so I'm just going to say "in") has jaded me. Rain clogs (i.e. "Wellies," according to L.L. Bean) would not cut it for wading through 6" deep puddles of backed-up sewer water. But maybe other cities don't have that.


Leigh Camp said...

This shoe is a horrible, horrible way to prevent sick rain and gutter nastiness from getting on one's toes. I will most definitely eschew purchasing it! (Like how I found an excuse to use the word "eschew" there? Publishing nerd-out moment? :P )

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, you don't get it? Heck, it's all Madison Ave. Being in the heart of that area, I would expect more from you. It's all marketing - pure & simple. Practicality has nothing to do with it. Who would have ever thought BOWLING SHOES would be a fashion trend. Really now... And don't get me started on women's stiletto heals. :-)