Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another ShopRite Curiosity

Back in December, I wrote about witnessing an Asian couple buying an entire shopping cart full of white bread. This past Saturday, I witnessed yet another bulk-purchasing phenomenon: a middle-aged Filipino man in front of me in line unloaded his cart, which consisted of four 64-ounce jugs of Welch's grape juice, a box of frozen breaded chicken patties, a pack of pencils, and eighteen--that's right 18 (I counted them)--bottles of multicolored dishwashing soap: 8 green, 5 orange, 3 purple, and 2 yellow. What could he possibly be doing with all of this soap?


  • Washing all of the floors in his house. (I've used dish soap before!)
  • Preparing a taste testing experiment: can people tell the difference between a $5 bottle of wine and grape juice mixed with dish soap?
  • Making homemade bubble solution for an entire preschool.
  • Bathing all of the animals at the humane society shelters...and maybe some of the caretakers, too.

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