Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pittsburgh is a NATURAL City

Having lived in Pittsburgh all my life, I never stopped to consider any of its communities outside of a purely pragmatic standpoint. The mall was located in Monroeville. The movie theatre was in the Waterfront. The bowling alleys were in North Versailles (pronounced, of course, "ver-sales"). This Christmas, however, as I explored the 'burgh with a friend who hails not only from L.A.--where she is currently earning her master's degree--but from Singapore (her home country), I began to realize that the communities around Pittsburgh have distinctly "natural" sounding names.

Consider, for instance, the many animal-themed communities we have:

  • Turtle Creek
  • Squirrel Hill
  • Fox Chapel
Then, consider all of these forestry-inspired communities:
  • Oakland
  • White Oak
  • Shadyside
  • Forest Hills
  • Edgewood
Incredible, huh? And it only took me five years of living away from the city to make this realization!


rome said...

Don't forget places like Moon Township, McKees Rocks, and Greenfield.

rome said...

forget I mentioned the greenfield one...