Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogging [Sexual?] Freedom

So now that I’m a dual blogger—since I’m blogging here as well as on Beyond the Bench—I have begun to more seriously evaluate what is appropriate to address in the “blogging world.” Because more people are reading my personal blog than I originally anticipated (and people I never expected!), it has become dangerous to write about person-related experiences in any negative context whatsoever. (Positive experiences are always good material, because everyone likes to read about themselves when the portrayal is complimentary.) Meanwhile, I have to consider that what I may find interesting and compelling to write about for the “company blog” may not always be topical—or even appropriate. For instance, nearly every purely scientific posting I have written thus far has been neuroscience-related. Coincidence? For someone who voluntarily double-majored in Brain & Cognitive Sciences . . . doubtful. Then, as I was seeking blog-worthy material today, this was the article I found most compelling: ‘EQ’ linked to frequency of orgasm. Unfortunately, although I would most certainly enjoy reading about proof showing that the higher a woman’s emotional intelligence, the better her orgasm, it is probably not the most suitable topic to cover on a professional scientific/publishing blog.

However, there’s nothing stopping me from covering it here! Honestly, I didn’t think this article was worthy to be posted on a science blog—ultimately, it had the same content as any basic Cosmo article. The bottom line of the studies was this: the better a woman knows her body and communicates it to her partner, the better her orgasms are going to be. Nothing groundbreaking there! What I loved was that in one of the cited articles, they actually had a clinical name for the female version of erectile dysfunction: female orgasmic disorder. Now I’m curious: do they have female Viagra? (The short answer is no. Somehow, I am not surprised. After all, men’s sexual satisfaction has historically been more important.)

What was interesting—and I thought worth reporting—was the 2005 Dutch study they cited that talked about orgasms actually turning off emotional centers in women’s brains. Basically, for a woman to have a successful orgasm, all of the parts of her brain concerned with emotion (proessing her emotions, others’ emotions, stress, etc.) have to shut down. Imagine that! No thinking; all feeling! Now this I would like to read more about.

Alas, I am relegated to researching other topics for the work blog, so there is no time for researching brain functions during orgasm. If anyone has any other interesting, more suitable topics for Beyond the Bench, though, please do pass them along!


K said...

The Dutch study is right on target, but it's common sense. During sex, men are thinking about sex. However, women are preoccupied with how their tummy looks, that deadline at work coming up next week, the fight that she had with her best friend yesterday, and so on. Men can be the same, way, though. If they're particularly stressed, they can't orgasm. However, it's much worse for most women.

I would have really loved to be a sex scientist...

Daniel said...

Dear K,
"...women are preoccupied with how their tummy looks, that deadline at work coming up next week, the fight that she had with her best friend yesterday, and so on..."

i think you need a new lover...


K said...

Not all women, just most women. And I am never a part of "most women" and therefore I do not think about such things during sex.