Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Running is Better

After a frustrating attempt to work out yesterday, I put together this little angst-y slideshow. Feel free to comment and agree/disagree--these are merely a few of my sentiments about what I see as an elitist and frequently frustrating sport. (In case you're confused, the terms "elitist" and "frustrating" are not referring to running.)

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Ryan Kocak said...

Well I guess I better stop looking at road bikes to have to admit that running doesn't give you that wind in your face sensation and the feeling of being "free" though. This, coming from a person that enjoys both.

Allison Goldstein said...

Very true. My favorite aspects of biking are being able to go farther and faster. There's no thrill like zooming downhill on a bike.

Still, I get frustrated at having to buy some new expensive gadget or replacement part every time I turn around.

Plus, I got a flat tire yesterday (the SECOND time I rode my bike after replacing my old tires), and my CO2 cartridge was somehow punctured and empty...leaving me no choice but to half walk, half limp/ride my bike back home. Wearing biking cleats. Praying I wasn't irreparably damaging my bike.

ryan Kocak said...

Yeah, I'm realizing the money factor and I don't even have a bike yet. That's pretty unlucky though. I guess after hearing that I'm definitely going to have a back-up to the back-up CO2. For what it's worth, I would have stopped and let you use mine if I saw you...

Andrew said...

You could probably do the same thing for swimming, but even though the list seems pretty conclusive (jellyfish, sharks, chlorine burns, cold spots, warm spots, etc), you'd still just be wrong.

Have you tried kevlar tires? They aren't much more expensive ($35 each?) and worth it. After my first two flats in '06, I've only had one since (and it was a worthy piece of glass that did it).