Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Warm Fuzzy: 3x Daily Thanks

Inspired by a podcast I heard recently (TED Talk The Happy Secret to Better Work), I am starting a new task: for the next month, I will blog, journal, or otherwise write down three things for which I am grateful, every day.

Day One

  • Having a short torso and long legs. I used to hate how this ratio made me look in certain clothing, but I've grown to love how it allows me to be tall but to still fit better as the "little spoon."
  • Remembering last night's dream. It makes the first few hours after waking up infinitely more interesting!
  • The freedom to read whatever I want when I come home from work. I dearly missed pleasure-reading while I was in college, and as much as I wanted to work for a commercial publisher after graduating, I can't say I miss reading slush piles in my spare time.
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    Anonymous said...

    "The Happy Secret to Better Work" spells out a truism that I've always believed. If we are concentrating on the occurences in life for which we are grateful, it fills our lives with positive energy. And positive energy draws more positives toward us continuously.
    Thanks for sharing your 3x Daily Thanks.