Thursday, May 7, 2009


Who could have predicted that back in July of 2007 (nearly two years ago!) I already had aspirations for running a marathon: New Plans, New Goals. I don't think I was entirely serious about this at the time, but I knew swimming as a sport was over for me and that I had to find something else to occupy my ambitions. How fitting, that two years later I have completed this feat and am now floundering for my next goal!

Meanwhile, here is a look at the one just passed:

Ready to rock and roll!

Here I come!

Finished! Rain frizzed hair and all, surrounded by my lovingly made signs.

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Neen said...

Question: If I may ask, what made you decide that swimming was over for you?

After I had my shoulder repaired, I was always gun shy on butterfly. I boxed for awhile, but it never thrilled me the way that swimming did.

I always wonder if I weighed what I do now back when I was training year-round if I'd have been a really good swimmer. Only one way to find out! Good thing summer is on the way...