Monday, May 18, 2009

HOHA! Not Quite a Marathon

But still more impressive than I expected. I typically run 8min/mile during "practice" runs, so I figured I could probably manage a 7:30 pace at best under race conditions. I wanted to do this run in order to set a baseline for "shorter" races (i.e. races less than 10 miles and don't leave you dehydrated for the rest of the day) so I could see what my "sprinting" abilities were. (All of these quotation marks are clear indicators that I still do not consider myself a Real Runner, since I am not entirely sure what I'm talking about. After all, this was only my fifth officially registered/timed race ever.) Considering that I was registrant #532, I certainly did not expect to be placing amongst the runners, particularly because this race was being hosted by a running group--the Hoboken Harriers--who would more than likely have a number of members participating.

But once again, lo and behold, I surpassed my own expectations. Somehow--honestly do not ask me how--I averaged sub-7-minute miles. Considering that I started out at an approximately 7:20/mile pace, this means I had to have seriously sprinted that fith mile. And yes, I was trying to beat the girl in the green shorts who kept creeping up behind me in the last fifty yards or so, but still--I never ran before in my life! Two years ago, I was in a pool doing 7,000 yard workouts!

What's more, I'm somehow actually good at this for my age. 3rd out of 91 women 20-29 years is kind of incredible, considering I was 23rd out of 23 swimmers on my college swim team, and the age range there was only 17-22.

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Anonymous said...

Holly Mudhead!! You are just too much. As George said, you may have just found your athletic calling. Just please don't sacrifice your health in lieu of trying to "do your thing". Moderation is the key word here.
Congrats on your great finish!!