Friday, October 12, 2007

Cute vs. Creepy

Pretend you are a 21-year-old female who receives the following message from a gentleman of similar age: "i was in class tonight thinking about u."

Coming from literally any other boy who has ever liked me, that statement would totally and utterly creep me out. However, coming from this boy, I actually didn’t mind hearing (reading?) it.

Now, I won’t say that that little comment made me all gushy inside, because that's not true, either. I simply welcomed it as a compliment—nothing more, nothing les. What seems unfair is the realization that if it came from some other guy, this comment would creep me out.

Is this tremendously unreasonable of me? It seems unreasonable, yet I cannot seem to help feeling this way. Are the boys who have previously pursued me actually stalkers, or do I just perceive them as such because I am uninterested in them?

This is starting to sound like the “chicken or the egg” question. Why can’t we all just be like Snow White and fall in love with the first guy who kisses us? Of course, then again, who ever said she was in love….


rome said...

i think most of the time it's your perception of the guy, but at the same time there are some creepy people out there

Kelly said...

i really really think this one is beyond my understanding.

and i'm totally with you on the snow white/sleeping beauty/pretty much every 'classical' fairy tale ev-AH.

...i can't believe i just wrote that, but it fits.

peace out.

Angela! said...

the guy has to suck it up and ask you out. ambivalence is too passe. ;) xx