Monday, February 26, 2007

Internet Junkies

Our dependence on the Internet in this day and age is incredible! I need it even more than I need a telephone: I need to access my e-mail more than I need to talk to anyone. I need to look up information online that I would never be able to find in books. For heaven’s sake, I need the internet to put up this blog post. It’s incredible how dependent we’ve become.

Without internet, I would be sending my scholarship application back to the states in hard copy via Royal Mail. I would not be corresponding with anybody at home about how to fix up my essay or resume; I would either ask someone here to give them a read, or else mail copies to someone back home and try telephone conferencing in order make improvements. Without internet, my friends would be forced to write me letters, buy a calling card, or simply lose contact with me while I am overseas. Without internet, I would have to use the list of birthdays I store in my address book to remember when to send cards to my friends rather than relying on Facebook for reminders. Without internet, librarians would have to be friendlier, because many more students would ask them questions, considering the number of books and magazines that would be used for research.

Without internet….

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