Saturday, October 16, 2010

You know you’ve left NYC when...

  • You buy a cup of tea at a gas station.
  • You get in line—not on line—to pay for your tea. (Although if you own a smartphone, you could be online in line. Wouldn’t it sound silly to be online on line?)
  • The guy in line next to you at the gas station announces he’s having blueberry coffee and a burger . . . for breakfast.
  • The friend of the guy in line next to you helpfully points out, “She’s having tea! That girl’s having tea,” and the burger-for-breakfast guy then turns to you and asks if you like tea.

A New Yorker would have actively ignored you...and his retarded friend. Then again, in New York you wouldn’t be buying tea at a gas station, and you would have been getting on line to pay for it. Nevertheless, whether you’re on the PA turnpike or in a NYC coffee shop, you'll still let your dad pay for the tea—but only if he offers, of course.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. A blueberry coffee sounds like a hellish abomination against both coffee and blueberries. Somehow I think I'd act like the retard or his friend....and a burger for breakfast is an unremarkable thing in my world.

Anonymous said...

i like blueberry bagels

Gordon said...

In NYC I don't think I'd buy anything at a gas station, even gas. If I did, I'm not sure why it wouldn't include a cup of tea.

any how town said...

In nYC you'd have to have a car to buy gas at a gas station, and even when I was driving there to visit I went out of my way not to fill in the city.

just reading your entry makes me miss the corner stores...and being able to walk places *sigh*