Friday, July 2, 2010

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Race Results

The Corporate Challenge is, quite simply, the physical manifestation of the term "rat race." The event attempts to put thousands of non-runners in a race alongside 500 people who happen to know how to properly lace up shoes and keep their elbows at their sides.

I spent the first mile hurdling strollers and dodging hand-holding walkers, and then I spent the next 2.5 miles bleeding from a gash in my knee, after being tripped by someone who likely was not a cutthroat competitor.

Here are my results from a race I am NEVER running again. Next year, I'll volunteer to watch the bags.
Race LengthFinishing TimeAverage PaceOverall PlaceWiley Team Overall Place
3.5 miles26:197:31/mile 248/12,8965/116

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Anonymous said...

Good idea . . . watching the bags and cheering the other participants sounds great . . . and safe!