Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Yellow Bag, Reinstated

While I posted numerous good-bye pictures on Facebook, I neglected to write a blog post when my old friend, my mainstay, my signature yellow backpack vanished from my life. Long story short, its zipper broke, and when I went to return it to LL Bean (they have a lifetime guarantee), I discovered that they no longer make my backpack in yellow. I even included a note saying that if they couldn’t replace the backpack exactly, including color, could they please fix it and return the old one to me, but alas, to no avail. It was replaced by a very functional but not-quite-as-meaningful blue backpack, which I now carry.

Today, however, a new yellow bag entered my life. As a member of the Nike Pack, I frequently fill out surveys and perform other marketing/research-related tasks to help them develop products and monitor trends amongst active runners. Sometimes, as a result of performing these tasks, Pack members receive “swag.” We don’t choose what we will receive, but in the past I have received a zip-up jacket, a T-shirt, free entry to the 10k Nike Human race, and—my favorite—the Nike Plus Sportband (i.e. running watch).

After completing a number of tasks, I received notice that I should expect a “thank you” package in the mail. Unfortunately, Nike had my old address on file, so the package went to my old Jersey City apartment and I didn’t get it until today.

When I opened the FedEx box, it was love at first sight. A stunningly yellow duffle bag! I could not have asked for anything more appropriate. I guarantee, I am the most appreciative recipient of this bag, and that it will be used most by me. It’s no LL Bean backpack, but I now have the most stylishly “Allison” duffle bag I could ask for.


shashi said...

ooh now i'm glad i didn't steal it!

agoldste said...

Me too! :)