Friday, September 5, 2008


I feel like I’m living out the life of Goldilocks, trying out all of these beds in all of these new places; the only difference is, each bed is in a new residence. Right now, I’m sleeping on a combination Papa/Mama/Baby Bear bed, as the bed provided to me in my new Queens apartment (and, consequently, the only piece of furniture allotted to me upon my move) is a rock hard, medium-width, and extremely short futon. I suppose I have been spoiled, most recently having slept in a super-plush, king-sized bed at the Hilton Hotel in Madison, WI for my Epic interview. Before that, I had the luxury of sleeping in extra-long dorm beds at both Columbia (very soft) and Rochester (firm but remediable with double mattress pads). Then, of course, before that I had my dear double bed in Pittsburgh (which, I must say, is juuuuuust right). This futon, though, is nearly the equivalent of sleeping on the floor. And if I ever find a man worth having over, he’s going to have to be shorter than me, because I barely fit lengthwise on the bed! (This must be another way of God’s signaling that the time is not right. Thank you Baby Bear.)

To give you a comparative sense of what various abodes have looked like over the past six months or so, here are some shots of the bedrooms in which I have slept.


Don’t mind the goofballs constantly on my bed. One’s a former friend, the other’s my sister. (Hopefully all of you recognize me.) Isn’t my furniture lovely? My parents have such good taste.


I’m including this, even though I lived here over a year ago, just because it was such a unique residence. It definitely qualifies as the smallest room I have ever lived in. But I’m a ghetto girl, so I successfully made it my own, falling-down plaster and all.

This was my senior year dorm room. Again, ignore my silly dad, but if you were to stand where he is sitting and turn around, you would be facing the image of next photograph (with me in it). The storage spaces were built into the walls in that dorm room, which turned out to be quite efficient.
I am also including a shot of my sophomore/junior year dorm room, for comparison. Notice how the furnishings don’t really change over the years…?


This was by far the largest dorm room I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. What's more, it had air-conditioning and a gorgeous city skyline view, right out the window! Unfortunately, I could not ring such praises for the rest of the campus facilities, but at least I had a cool, clean haven for the months of June and July.


My cousin’s apartment was only a temporary residence, but I did stay there for about a week, so I am including a picture. The leveled futon on the right is where I slept, and it was significantly longer than the futon on which I am sleeping now.


And this is my newest bedroom! Again, same basic decorations (yellow bedspread, blue carpet, multicolored lamp), but this time with much more makeshift furniture. The carpet makes the room so much homier than it would be otherwise, really. Without it, the main attraction would be all the cardboard boxes I have stacked on my wire shelving—not so attractive. I do love my windows, though! Next purchases (upon the attainment of monetary substances) will be brighter-colored curtains (because brown is quite honestly the ugliest curtain color I have ever seen) and a basil plant for my windowsill (and for cooking—obviously). I can’t wait!


rome said...

did you really refer to yourself as a "ghetto" girl? i would never think of you as ghetto. but anyways...have fun in your new place

Anonymous said...

Huh? How do you fit as a "ghetto" girl?

Kelly said...

Ghetto? For real? Hon... despite going to Woodland Hills, you did grow up in Forest Hills. Significantly different from, say... Swissvale and ummmmm BRADDOCK.

angela said...

I am looking foward to pictures of you new bedroom! :D