Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 Reasons You Should Come Run in Jersey City

  1. We're basically the 6th borough . . . and should probably be the 5th. (Have you been to Staten Island?)
  2. Do you really want to run around Central Park? Again??
  3. You can see this.
  4. And this.
  5. No obnoxious West Side Highway cyclists.
  6. The Palisades are lovely, but sometimes you need a break from all those hills.
  7. Plus, our park has more water fountains.
  8. It's a great opportunity to try the PATH train (and check out your horoscope on the ride!).
  9. You get to see the Lady Liberty up close and personal--no ferry ride necessary!
  10. There's a ginormous beer garden. Right. Here.

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