Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Envelop Challenge

Prompt: Write using the randomly chosen following items:
  • 2 Characters: a used car salesman and a garbage collector
  • 1 Setting: hell
  • 1 Object: a Chanel handbag
  • 1 Genre: obituary

Time: 10 minutes


Bob Tarley, 1955-2008. Son of Penelope and Michael Tarley. Brother to Katie Tarley. Died on 29 December 2008 of manslaughter.

He was on his route through Hell's Kitchen, collecting garbage behind a falafel shop, when Lenny Freedman, a used car salesman who works part time as a cross-dresser, approached him and asked for a ride to Long Island. Bob refused, and as he turned to board his truck, Lenny embedded one of his 
Louboutin  heels into Bob's thigh and proceeded to strangle Bob with the leather strap of his Chanel handbag. 

Bob leaves behind two children, Mary and Gary, and his wife Susan, who mourns him even as she celebrates her newly acquired Chanel handbag.

May he rest in peace.