Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucket List (but not mine!)

You can find the strangest things inside of library books. Old receipts, ticket stubs, string, hair ties . . . and apparently bucket lists!

I found this written on the back of a crumpled blue post-it note, inside of The Marriage Plot (by Jeffrey Eugenides). Not sure if there's any correlation between the type of person who would write a bucket list on a post-it and the type of person who would read that book, but based on some of these items, we can at least assume that the book is written at a pre-college reading level!

Bucket List

  • Go to Atlantic City w/Megan (when we are 18) and gamble away some of my money
  • Study Abroad:  Germany, Deutschland, Espana
  • Learn to drive
  • Buy a car
  • Visit a tea farm in India
  • Take some zumba classes (feel comfortable, quit if suck)
  • Speak Spanish conversationally
  • Climb up mountain w/Megan
  • Find a long-term lover
    • must be clean
    • knows when to be quiet
    • likes coffee or at least makes me coffee
  • Make brownies from scratch
  • Visit redwoods
  • Bike around perimeter of Manhattan

I'm proud to say that I have run the perimeter of Manhattan, seen redwoods, made brownies from scratch (several times!), studied abroad, been to Las Vegas (forget Atlantic City), learned to drive, and found a long-term lover who at least knows when to be quiet . . . and does happen to like coffee, even if I don't. It makes me feel accomplished to be able to check so many things off of a bucket list, even if it's not mine!

What are some of the items on your bucket list?

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