Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mentality of a Half Marathon

Starting Line
Cold. Don't want to take my sweatshirt off, but the volunteers policing the corrals insist that they need to be able to see my running bib and my silly orange bracelet at all times. I humor them and bare myself to the elements (i.e. a dark, windy, sub-40 spring morning), tossing the sweatshirt over the railing of the corral. I hope a nice homeless person finds it!

Gun Goes Off
It's actually more of a buzzer, and the sound is awfully anticlimactic. But shoot, if my heart isn't racing a mile-a-minute! We surge forward in fits and starts toward the actual starting line, where our D tags will start clocking our own personal race times. Even while other people jog around me, I walk, focusing on the perfect first song to get me going. I am not running one step until I get over that starting line!

5k Into the Race
I think I'm finally running at the right speed, with the right-paced people. I almost stepped on at least 5 people's shoes and have been cut off by barely-clad and overly-clad runners at every water station, but after I finally gave up trying to stay in the inside lane and moved to the outside, a bit more space opened up, and I expect the runners will thin out even more as the course continues.

10k Into the Race
Look at all these spectators! I am so lucky to be running this race in NYC, because even if only 1/10th of the people running convinced just one person to come cheer for them, we'd have 1,000 spectators. Plus, reading all the signs and seeing the little kids dressed up is so fun. I cannot believe I am halfway done already! Have definitely hit my stride.

15k Into the Race
Oh my god, is it over yet? Why does my body feel like it has used up all its reserves? I cannot possibly feel this depleted already; I have at least 4 miles left to run. And they're all flat! The hills are over. So why does this feel so much worse than the first 9 miles felt?
I have to be in good form, because all my friends are cheering for me at the
end of the race. I cannot look like I am about to die! Run strong, Goldstein--come on!

20k Into the Race
Pick it up. I don't care if you just ran that last mile too fast; if you don't leave it all out here on the course, you are going to be mad at yourself, and you know it. So let's go. Pace with this guy on the right, in the blue. You and he have been playing chicken the whole race, so now is not the time to let him blow by you. And look, you can catch that lady up ahead. Look how short her legs are! Don't go all-out yet, though. Save something for the last 800.

Last 800 Meters
It's burning! It's burning so bad. My legs are going to collapse into a pile of jelly. And where is R___? I should have told him what I was wearing before I left this morning. And A___!!! Why didn't I tell her how to find me? What if I cannot find them after I finish? Crap, that Spandex girl just turned it on. It's now or never. There's the 400 sign. That's one lap of a track! And is someone calling my name? There's R___! And A___! And the finish line, so make it count....

Results for this race:

Race Length Finishing Time 5/10/15/20k Splits Average PaceOverall Place Gender Place (All Women) Age Group Place (F18-24)
13.1 miles 1:35:08 23:43/ 46:26/ 1:08:54/ 1:30:51 7:16/mile 1,147/10,186 248/5,429 83/1,329


Miss Arianna said...

that's my girl! awesome time. Hope it was a PR. :)

agoldste said...

It was, by a few seconds! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Not only was I tracking you on Dad's cell phone, but your blog makes me feel like I was with you, too.