Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Campbell Apartment

The Campbell Apartment is the name of a band that probably won't be around much longer, considering that its lead singer just moved to San Francisco. Still, I wanted to post their awesome video for your enjoyment . . . and also to flout the fact that I am friends with a rock star! Can you pick him out of the group?

Hint: He's not the lead singer (although I have met that guy, too, on many occasions, and even attended his birthday party).

The video: "St Louis"


Daniel said...

That band looks gay.

Same Suit Sam said...

I moved to San Francisco for six months to work on new songs. I'll come back in February for an intensive set of practices with Dan and Dave, where we'll hone these new songs and then go into a studio to record them, in what will be our second album. We'll play a few shows as well, at which point I may or may not move back to San Francisco permanently. But this isn't the end of The Campbell Apartment. In a way, it's only the beginning.