Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I’ve become a dedicated Mac user

1. Macs are for neat freaks

And I am nothing if not a neat freak. Since I have moved into my apartment, I have taken out my trash every other day. I have vacuumed my carpet and cleaned the shared bathroom every single weekend. I keep files for nearly everything, and making to do lists is how I occupy my spare time on the subway.

Macs let you keep your screen clutter-free. They put what you don’t need out of they way, but keep what you do need close at hand. Every application is streamlined and clean-looking, with as few extra windows, buttons, and pop-ups as possible.

2. Macs are for control freaks

Which I am, a bit. I like to know where things are at all times. I like to have my things “just so.” I like organization. I like routine. I like continuity.

Macs let you customize until you have things “just so.” You can put icons where you want them, in the size and color that you want them, in the number and variety that you want them. You can make them open in certain ways at certain times. You can give them certain appearances.

3. Macs don’t require downloading new software for every little thing

So you don’t need: virus protection, photo-downloading software for your camera, printer/scanner software, AIM…. And therefore your computer remains less cluttered (for the neat freaks) and you can open documents using the same application every time (for the control freaks). So everyone’s happy.

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