Friday, April 20, 2007

Hair Today....

So I an inquiry to all of my nearest, dearest, fashion-savvy female mates regarding a potential haircut. Below is my e-mail and their responses. For those of you who know my friends, can you guess whose reply is whose? And can you guess what I decided to do?

  • I am seriously considering chopping off all my hair while I am over here. Maybe very soon. And when I say all, I mean ALL. I'm including some pictures to give you an idea. I'm a little terrified and have lots of pros/cons about the idea, but I figure if I don't do it here/now, I may never get up the nerve. Let me know your opinion/what you think.

    Basic pros/cons:

    pros: less maintenance than even right now (and I'm sick of ponytails), something new, easy for swimming (not that I'm doing any right now)

    cons: mistaken for boy or lesbian (b/c I do not have particularly femela features or wear female clothing), not attractive to guys (seriously, poll any guy you know; not that I'm looking to attract anyone in particular, nor should this matter, theoretically), problems of growing it out when I want long hair again

    Please give me your honest opinion


  • Ok here's what I think after looking at pics of you on facebook (btw very jealous of the awesome time you are having). I think before going that short you should try something just a little bit longer for two reasons. If you don't like it that short it won't take as long to grow out. Plus your hair can get really curly and all of the very short hair cuts I found had people with straight hair. So if you got a bob-type hair cut it could be curly or straight and look cute either way. I attached 2 pictures of similar length/style so that if you got the type of style pictured in the straight hair picture it would look similar to the curly hair picture if you decided to wear you hair curly too. This sounds a bit confusing, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. When in doubt I always ask the person cutting my hair what they think because they seem to know the most about face shape and hair (I just got 5 inches cut off so I'm all about changing up hairstyles at the momen t). Can't wait to see you! Only a few more months!

  • i say do it. we did it to a girl over here, and while i don't think she's that attractive, it when fantastically well, she looks like a rocked out audrey hepburn, and she got her hair cut by drunk civilians.

    you can only do better.

    why i think it will look better: you'll get it done right, i think it will emphasize the upper portion of your face, which is stronger and more feminine anyway (your eyes are bigger than your mouth, for example) and there's always the 'why not?' factor.

    if i had the guts and/or the ability to find a decent wig when performing for bellydance, i would.

  • ok so at first, i was gonna say just go for it and chop it all off, especially in England, where it feels like you can take more risks and do whatever because you're living in a foreign country :) BUT then i started looking at pics of you and trying to imagine you with short hair. i do think that you have some very femine features, especially your eyes, and i do not think that you would ever be mistaken for a guy. a lesbian is another story, although i'd say the same thing of myself. anyways, i say that if you've ever thought about it before and want to do it at some point, this would be the time to do it. However, i'm definitely a fan of your long hair and i think you would miss it. i have pictures of my own as supporting evidence.....let me know what you decide!

    love you loads dahling,

  • Ok, I understand what you're tihnking completely b/c I honestly want to chop my hair off too sometimes, but even though it may seem like less maintenance, it's really not. Actually, the shorter you go, the more maintenance is required. Keep in mind this is coming from the "girliest girl ever" so I know what I'm talking about, lol. My mom has short hair, I'm sure you remember ad she complains about ahving to do it all the time and is actually in the process of growing it in right now. And keep in mind, that growing it in will be just as painful as "doing" it everyday. Those pictures are cute and while you may be able to get away w/ a style like that, think about all the gel/mouse/hairspray you're gonna have to use every morning to get it to look like that. That means extra time getting ready= extra frustration. I say stay with the long hair. Get layers or bangs if you want something different, although bangs require some work to look good too, but certainly not as much as a short haircut. Remember my frustration w/ my bangs??? I'm laughing to myself right now b/c I'm so adament about the topic, lol. Anyway, let me know what you decide to do. If you're sick of ponytails but hair accessories like, clips or headbands. It's really too bad that I'm not there w/ you right not, lol.

  • WOW! Allie I never thought that you would decide to be so dramatic and do something quite this drastic! I'm proud of you my dear sister! Hmmm... so how would you look w/ it? Honestly I have no idea. I think that it will probably look pretty good though. About your pros and cons... The major question that I think you didn't cover was, are you willing to get it cut frequently to maintain the haircut once you get it. I mean having super-short hair is fine and daandy and all but if you want it to stay that way you'll have to get it cut more frequently than you seem to have in the past (aka during college.)

    To solve the "not dressing girlie" problem ... DRESS LIKE A GIRL! It's really not that hard. I can give you tips and everything! :-) And yes, whenever you decide to grow it out, it will take some time, but come on Al, Goldstein hair grows relatively fast, and you'll be fine. And even if right after you get it cut you decide that you hate it, HAIR GROWS. So don't worry so much in that area.Dan (who is home for spring break) should be coming over later, so I'll ask him what he thinks about the attractiveness...

    So after all of that... here is my vote. Go for it. and let me know what you decide!

    Love you!

    P.S. Speaking of hair... I've decided that after prom I'm going to color my hair some type of red/blonde. what do YOU think?

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