Friday, March 2, 2007

Turkish Delight

Let’s just say that Edmund was completely out of his mind. I cannot imagine any child being willing to give up his waxy Hershey’s chocolate bar for a bit of Turkish Delight, never mind betray his entire family. Here’s what Turkish Delight is: extra-congealed jelly (usually covered in chocolate) that tastes almost fruit-like…but not quite. I now have a £1 box of Turkish Delight Thins to bring back with me in case anyone would like to have a taste. It’s worth the experience, I suppose. Try to imagine being in the White Witch's sleigh when you eat it--it might taste better.

Another British specialty curiosity induced me to try was bubble chocolate. Now, the description I was given made it sound unnecessarily unappealing: “It’s just chocolate with carbonation, or air bubbles through it; you know, kind of like Swiss cheese.” The idea, I suppose, is to make it lighter on your tongue. I bought a bit for a pound (Cadbury’s, of course), and it does kind of fizz on your tongue, in a way. I’m bringing that with me, as well, for any interested American to sample. I’m really kind of shocked bubbly chocolate hasn’t swept the candy industry of America. After all, it’s a killer combination: carbonation + chocolate. They could call it “fizzy chocolate” (since we like to be so different, after all). What kid could resist candy like that?

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Dave said...

haha how disappointing, oh well. cadbury is really good, my parents brought some back when they went to england a while ago and it was delicious.